Sabine Brels

Expert Sabine Brels

Sabine Brels, LL.D in Law and GAL Manager. 

Her work, research and teaching are focussing on international and comparative animal law.
Expertise in Animal Law: International Animal Law
Country of origin: France

She loves animals and nature and has always wanted to dedicate her life to their protection.

After her first degree in ecology from Cadiz University in Spain, she graduated with a law degree in Montpellier, France (her home city). Then she did her LL.M (Masters in International Environmental Law) in Laval University, Quebec (Canada). She has currently finished her LL.D (Doctorate in international animal law) at the same university. She was awarded the famous Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship and her work is often published in French, English and Spanish animal law reviews. During her doctorate, she also attended various conferences on the globalization of animal welfare law around the world.
In 2017, she published her "opus magnum" thesis of 7 years research, providing a unique overview of  "Animal Welfare Law in the World: evolution and globalization."


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