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I am a nature enthusiast and conservationist, who is Nigerian and a lawyer, poetess, writer and also teacher of commercial and corporate law at Ahmadu Bello University Zaria. I obtained my law degree in 2009 from the same university where I have been teaching since 2011. I attended the Nigerian law school Kano Campus, Bagauda in 2010. I am currently a PhD student in the same institution.

Although my specialty is commercial and corporate law, a childhood experience involving a rabid dog which followed me into our home and ended up biting my mother, encouraged my interests in the plight of stray animals. I was further intrigued to discover that Nigeria has hardly any animal welfare law/regulation. The few mentions of the crime of animal cruelty in the penal laws have hardly ever been enforced. Thus, both the human and animal populations in Nigeria constantly face many risks. I have conducted some interviews with veterinary doctors and local animal officers, the results of which I am currently trying to process. I am trying to document a product of that research by writing a departmental seminar paper to be presented soon, which seeks to create awareness regarding the consequences of the absence, and the advantages, of animal welfare regulation.

Contact address: Department of Commercial Law, Faculty of Law, Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, Nigeria.

Email: mamahannatu@gmail.com; hannatuadamu@abu.edu.ng

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