"UN Convention on Animal Health and Protection UNCAHP" – Draft of a Framework Convention on Animal Health and Protection at the UN General Assembly.

The globally most far-reaching project of GAL is the "UNCAHP". Currently animal protection is not anchored in the UN, therefore GAL calls upon the UN to adopt a convention on animal protection. GAL is decidedly of the opinion that the anchoring of the animal protection in the UN is a central condition to achieve a better position for the dignity of the animal world-wide. It is the vision of GAL that a possible use of healthy animals is carried out with dignity and recognition of the value of the animals.

Together with Dr. iur. Sabine Brels GAL has drafted the UN Convention on Animal Health and Protection (UNCAHP). The finished draft "UN-Convention" contains all important points for a considerable increase of the worldwide level of animal protection in the pillars legislation, law enforcement and education in national and global animal protection law.

With our draft of the "UN Convention", we want to prevent, for example, "shifts" of practices to animal-unfriendly countries, which are prohibited or frowned upon in individual animal-friendly countries.

The "UN Convention" covers animal welfare as well as animal health. This enables GAL to win a broad support for the project from the circles of veterinarians and human physicians. Furthermore, the draft takes into account the local and national conditions as well as their implications. The draft also allows for cultural differences in the level of animal welfare.

Within the framework of the GAL campaign for the worldwide protection of animals by law, the individual states are represented by their ministries of economics and foreign affairs for to win the UNCAHP.

In 2019 GAL was able to bridge the gap between the UNCAHP and to the UN. GAL has expanded its network of relationships and is in contact with various "lobbying" partners and other important personalities who have a good connection to the UN. Also the procedures and processes of the UNO and the potential utilization of these circumstances for GAL were analyzed.

Further planned steps in 2020 are the media and target group oriented dissemination of the refined draft together with legal experts. In the first and second quarter of 2020 the targeted public relations work with media, government agencies, institutions and co-creators worldwide is also aimed at. As a further step, it is planned to submit the draft to the United Nations in accordance with the "roadmap" of the UN General Assembly and the findings on the optimal procedures gained by the end of 2020. It would also be conceivable to obtain a consultative status during UN debates with the focus on being able to contribute highly qualified expert opinions and uniform proposals for solutions. Here, the assistance and cooperation of partners from the GAL network could be counted on, some of whom have direct access to UN and UN-related committees.

Furthermore, a real "social movement" will have to be built up in the other continents, starting with the respective animal-friendly and opinion-forming states. Careful and objective campaigns will be aimed at raising the national level of animal protection. At the same time, they will call upon the individual states to support a global convention on animal protection.

Even though the legal and interest situation is complex - and interest and the willingness to take action within the United Nations still have to be awakened - it is important to give due consideration to the actual welfare of animals through the law, over and above the issue of 'sustainable development'.

Two important pillars for this project are the GALFI and the GAL Info and Service Hub. GALFI collects, analyses and compares the animal welfare of 193 countries and submits concrete proposals for improvement to the states. The GAL Info- and Service Hub is a comprehensive information and service platform on the topic of "Animals in Law"; in this way GAL wants to promote the exchange between the different co-creators and ensure the transfer of knowledge between the expert teams. The high-quality information, the presentation of project progress by country and the concrete suggestions for improvement and comparison form the basis for the success of the UNCAHP project.




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