People, who care about the welfare of animals.

Since the Global Animal Law GAL Association is currently in a growth phase, it is dependent on donations as a source of income; this is also why the idea of "GAL Friends" was born. The idea behind it is a GAL friendship between the GAL association and its supporters.
Its aim is not only to monetize the association, but also to grow the association through current and future "Friends of GAL", so that a large community can develop. With a Global Animal Law "GAL Friendship" you can profit from many offers: Potential "GAL Friends" have the option to choose one of the four friendship levels listed below (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Lifetime).

This makes it possible to let our enthusiastic GAL friends participate even more in our work. The target group, which GAL wants to reach with "GAL Friends", are people, who care about the welfare of animals and want to do something for it structurally. The membership is open to individuals, couples, children or companies.
The advantage of such a "GAL friendship" is therefore especially to be a "part" of the organisation and to support the implementation of the projects with the membership fee. As a member you will also receive a "GAL Friends Certificate", a periodic newsletter, an annual report and invitations to lectures, panel discussions/presentations, GAL events, GAL aperitifs, meals with responsible persons and co-creators or GAL stamps (depending on the rank of the membership).

Friends Bronze CertificateFriends Silver certificateFriends Gold certificate

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