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The comprehensive report "GAL KVK 1.0" was completed at the end of December 2019.
The report sheds light on cantonal implementation practice in administrative animal protection law and proposes convincing and versatile solutions for the individual cantons and the federal government.

In the first part of the report, the legal basis of enforcement in Swiss animal protection law was examined. In addition to the legal order of animal protection law, the significance and organisation of enforcement and an overview of animal protection controls are discussed.

In the second part of the report, various legal and political postulates were established which are suitable for improving the enforcement of Swiss animal protection law. In particular, animals should be given a voice in the legal sense, which is why we are calling for the establishment of an animal protection authority to be integrated into the cantonal administrations.

The core of the report consists of a model animal protection law including cantonal characteristics, which postulates concrete and feasible solutions. From the point of view of the Global Animal Law GAL Association, this will make it possible to eliminate the chronic enforcement problems in animal protection and to give animal protection more credibility in the political debate.

To ensure that the findings and proposals contained in the GAL KVK 1.0 can be implemented, targeted lobbying in the cantons is planned for 2020. In this way, the existing animal suffering in Switzerland can be counteracted considerably in the medium and long term. The basic and groundbreaking report "GAL Kantons- Vollzugs-Kompass 1.0" was generously financed by the Haldimann Foundation. However, the Global Animal Law GAL Association is dependent on further financial support for its planned lobbying work.


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