There are other international NGOs working in the animal protection field but GAL is unique in Global Animal Law, being the leading expert organization working in this field.

The Global Animal Law GAL Association was founded in 2016 by Dr. iur. Antoine F. Goetschel in Zurich, after the GAL project was first launched in July 2014 by him and the co-founder Dr. iur. Sabine Brels.
GAL's objective is to improve the protection of all animals through law. In other words, GAL aims to provide the necessary tools and expert guidance to improve the lives and well-being of all - companion, farm, lab, sport and wild - animals in every country in the world and globally, through the law as a powerful mean for their protection.

GAL is an independent association, providing the key guidance to improve the legal protection of animals globally. It is concerned to act in a practical and useful way. In cooperation with national and international institutions, as well as the main animal law experts worldwide, GAL helps the legislators to take the necessary measures to improve the legal protection and welfare of all animals, i.e.: companion, farm, lab, sport or wild animals.

As an international NGO, GAL doesn't have the mandate to intervene in any country concerning any particular or private issue. However, it may provide expert guidance wherever it is possible (based on the GAL scope, resources and knowledge).

At the UN, GAL is a member of the NGO Major Group and the Animal Issues Thematic Cluster (AITC). More generally, GAL takes part to international discussion related to animal protection as an active member of the International Policy Forum (IPF).
The UN Convention on Animal Health and Protection (UNCAHP) is the GAL driven project dedicated to be adopted by the UN general Assembly.

GAL is frequently asked for legal support. If possible, GAL can give advices which can be found in the toolbox, as well as redirect to experts and/or organizations/institutions that are able to act concretely and can help with legal questions.

Bequests and donations are currently exempt from donation and inheritance tax in Switzerland and will benefit the intended purpose in full. For Germany, please have a look at the German website of the supportive association of Global Animal Law GAL e.V.:


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