Crowdfunding Project

As the first project in the field of prevention we started in February 2019 with the "GAL dog responder". It answers quickly and easily important questions from dog owners and people interested in dogs. On 24 June, 2020 a crowdfunding campaign was launched to initiate the funding.

A mainly web-based application gives all dog owners and people interested in dogs in Switzerland (and subsequently also in Germany/Austria/France and Liechtenstein) a quick and easy overview of the legal, ethological and veterinary situation of dogs in their everyday life with humans.

In 2019, the Global Animal Law GAL Association compiled relevant questions on "Dogs in everyday life" and created a first "Clickable dummy".

Example questions:

  • When will the authorities intervene?
  • When is a dog mistreated?
  • What should I do in case of a bite incident?
  • What about visitation and custody rights in case of divorce?
  • When is there a veterinary emergency?

In 2020 GAL will work on answering these questions. For ethological and veterinary questions GAL is dependent on external expertise. A publication of the "dog responder" was planned for the first quarter of 2020. However, since the financial resources have not yet been secured, the launch will unfortunately be delayed a little. Despite this financial bottleneck, GAL is still on track and receives positive feedback on this project.

Based on this, the development of a "cat responder", "horse responder" and "farm animal responder" is planned in the foreseeable future. With the respective answerers, the Global Animal Law GAL Association pursues, as already outlined, the goal of making reliable legal information available in an easy and direct electronic way, so that the animal welfare can be improved sustainably.

To ensure that the information in the application is always up to date, there will be ongoing adaptations and maintenance/optimisation work.