David Ebert

David Ebert

Co-Founder and President

Name of the institution: Animal Defense Partnership

David Ebert, a retired lawyer, is the Co-Founder, President and a Board member of Animal Defense Partnership, which provides free legal services exclusively to animal protection nonprofits.  ADP now represents 275+ clients working in the US as well as US-based organizations advocating for change in other parts of the world.

David is a member of or advisor to: Pro Elephant Network, a global community of diverse individuals and organizations that provides a strong framework of cooperation to end harmful practices towards elephants;  Voice for Asian Elephants Society, which works to protect the endangered Indian elephants;   Free All Captive Elephants, which is dedicated to rescuing captive elephants in North America;  Rowdy Girl Sanctuary’s Rancher Advocacy Program, which helps families transition away from animal agriculture and the practices associated with factory and family farms;  The Asia for Animals Coalition, which comprises 24 well-respected animal welfare organizations that act as a united voice to appeal to governments and specific facilities to end animal cruelty across Asia; and TerraMar Research, a nonprofit committed to studying and protecting wildlife and the environment with an emphasis on marine mammals and ecosystems.

David received his B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania and his law degree from NYU.

Email: david@animaldefensepartnership.org


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