Heron Santana Gordilho

Expert Heron Santana Gordilho

Scholar of both animal and environmental law

Heron Santana Gordilho is a scholar of both animal and environmental law, having published a number of books and articles on both subjects. He earned an SJD by the Federal University of Pernambuco and a post doc by Pace Law School. He is an environmental public prosecutor in Brazil and professor on environmental law at Federal University in State of Bahia and Catholic University. Visiting Professor at Pace University Law School, Fordham University School of Law (New York-EUA), Williams College (Massachusetts-EUA), Faculdad de Derecho de la Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona (Barcelona-Spain) and Faculté François Rabelais (Tours-France). He was founder and first president of Abolitionist Institute for Animals and founder and editor of the Brazilian Animal Rights Journal, the first legal journal about animal rights in Latin America. He was founder and he is the president of the Animal Law Latinamerican Association (ALDA). Additionally, he created the Habeas Corpus in behalf of chimpanzee theory.


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