Sacha Lucassen

Expert Sacha Lucassen

Founder of the Danish organisation Center for Dyrs Forsvar (Center for Animal Defense)

Sacha is the chairman and founder of the Danish organisation Center for Dyrs Forsvar (Center for Animal Defense), a knowledge center that gathers expertise for improving the status of all animals in nature and in human possession.
She is also the organizer and lecturer of the first short program in Animal Law in Europe and first Animal Law course in Denmark. It takes place every summer for three weeks at Aarhus University.

Sacha is a qualified lawyer from Denmark and holds a specialized Master’s Degree in Animal Law and Society from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. She has published several articles on a variety of animal law topics and has spoken on these topics on national and international conferences.

In the past she has worked as a Scientific Assistant at the Section of Animal Welfare and Disease Control at Copenhagen University. For several years she worked for the Danish Ministry of Environment and Food in charge of the implementation and enforcement of the protection of animals during transport.


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