Aubrey Collins

Aubrey Collins

EU Wild Animal Policy Coordinator at FOUR PAWS International 

Aubrey Collins is a Wild Animal Policy specialist from the United States. She received her B.S. in Environmental Studies (Cum Laude) before pursuing her law degree at Michigan State University. During her time at Michigan State, she took part in the Animal Law Clinic under the guidance of Carney Anne Nasser a US expert in Big Cat Policy. She also spent six months in the Netherlands working for the International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals under the guidance of renowned human rights lawyers at Global Rights Compliance.

She received her LLM in Environmental Law (with Distinction) from Queen Mary University of London and was awarded the Class of 2020-21 Environmental Law Award. She also received a Distinction for her dissertation on wildlife crime and the proposed fourth protocol under UNTOC. Aubrey has previously interned with the Animal Welfare Institute, the US Embassy in Bucharest, Romania and the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW).   

In 2021, Aubrey began working for Legal Atlas as a legal consultant in wildlife crime. Her work includes a project for WOAH on identifying best practices in zoonotic disease law, the impact of Linear Infrastructure on wild animals for the Mongolian government and a report identifying illegal wildlife trade in GCC countries. She now works as the EU Wild Animal Policy Coordinator for FOUR PAWS based in the European Policy Office.  

She has been published in various reports for Legal Atlas and co-authored a book chapter with John Scanlon titled ‘Connecting the dots- making a forceful canon of the Rio Conventions and the MEAs’. She is further currently co-authoring a book chapter with Alice Pasqualato on the role of international law in protecting wildlife beyond CITES for an official handbook on wildlife crime.

E-mail: for personal consulting work and for requests related to my current position


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