Dirk-Jan Verdonk

Expert Dirk-Jan Verdonk

Director of the Netherlands office of World Animal Protection (WAP)

Dirk-Jan Verdonk is director of the Netherlands office of World Animal Protection and works on a range of animal welfare issues at national, European and international level. Among other issues, he was involved in the Dutch ban on fur farming, the Dutch ban on the use of wild animals in circuses, the Catalan ban on bullfighting, the UN Rio+20 summit and the UN CFS Principles on Responsible Investments in Agriculture. Currently, his focus is on the role of the financial sector to improve farm animal welfare. Furthermore, he is chair of the Dutch Animal Coalition, a platform of 17 animal protection organisations. In 2009, he was awarded the Preamium Erasmianum Research Prize 2009 for his PhD thesis about the history of human-animal relationships in the Netherlands through the lens of food. More recent publications include Dierenrechten (Animal Rights) and Dierloos, a history of vegetarians and vegans in The Netherlands.


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