Jessica Paola Melo Parra

Expert Jessica Paola Melo Parra

Engineer and lawyer

founder of the NGO UPPAA

My name is Jessica Paola Melo Parra, I am Colombian.

I'm environmental engineer and lawyer. Leader in environmental and animal protection in my region. I am the founder of the NGO UPPAA (Union for the Animal and Environmental Protection).

I have lectura at various regional and national forums to socialize right academic research on "environmental law", "Legal status of animal protection in the United States, Germany and Colombia."

Co-developer and manager of Pereira Municipal Agreement No. 38 of 2011 "Guidelines for the formulation of public policy on animal protection in the city of Pereira"

I wrote the article EVOLUTION OF LEGAL STATUS OF ANIMAL PROTECTION IN GERMANY, THE UNITED STATES AND COLOMBIA in "Journal of Research Seed ANDINA". Pereira Vol.7 No.7 October 2014. ISSN 2027-0232.

My interest in animal protection, is run in the constitution for the rights of animals and the development of legal figures to ensure their application.



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