Sandra Cassotta

Sandra Cassotta

Associate Professor in International Environmental and Energy Law, Aalborg University

Sandra is Associate Professor in International, Environmental and Energy Law. She was appointed Lead Author on Environmental Governance and Polar Regions (Arctic and Antarctic) at the Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change (IPCC) United Nations. She is specialized in environmental damage and liability problems in a multilevel context. Her expertise is on environmental regime effectiveness in a multi-level governance perspective.

Included in her areas of interests are human rights, law of the sea (UNCLOS), and environmental security (particularly that of the Arctic Ocean), Energy Security and Geopolitics and Animal Law and Welfare in a Multi-regulatory perspective. Though a traditional legal scholar, her approach is cross-areas and trans-disciplinary, combining law with international relations, economics, and elements of (climate) environmental science.

Sandra is also Adjunt Professor of Law, School of Law, Western Sydney University (Sydney, Australia), Fellow at the Sustainability College Bruges – SCB (Belgium), Expert Research Fellow at the Institute for Security and Development Policy, ISDP working on the Sino-Arctic Research Programme (Stockholm, Sweden). She is Member of the Governamental Panel of Assessemnt for the Academy of Finland for Governamental Projects on Environmental Law and Economcis and Expert at the European Commission (DG Clima Adaptation) and the European Parliament.


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