Marcia Condoy Truyenque

Marcia Condoy Truyenque

Director of Animal Law in Peru

Marcia Condoy Truyenque is a Peruvian attorney with experience in Labor Law, Constitutional Law, Human Rights, and Animal Law research, advocacy, and litigation. She has followed courses on Public International Law and International Human Rights Law at Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium), and in 2022 she graduated with honors as LLM in Animal Law at Lewis & Clark Law School (United States). In 2019, she opened the Animal Law area in the law firm where is an associate, Preston+ Law Firm, this is the first law firm in Peru with a specialized area in Animal Law. Currently, she directs Derecho Animal en Perú [Animal Law in Peru], an organization to promote animal law in Peru. Her research focuses on the relationship between human rights and animal rights, and animal law legal theory.

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