Nicolás Camacho

Expert Nicolás Camacho

Associate at Oviedo Lema Despacho de Abogados

Name of Company: Oviedo Lema Despacho de Abogados

Nicolás studied Law at the Bolivian Private University and wrote his thesis entitled "Analysis of the "Company Animal" as a Legal Institution in the Bolivian Legislation" as a requirement for his law degree, his thesis addresses a criticism to the Regulation to the Law for the Defense of Animals Against Acts of Cruelty and Abuse, mostly because there is a legal vacuum regarding the weak definition of "Domestic Animal" and the abscene of this concept and species that compose "Companion Animals" and the little interest of Bolivian authorities of trying to stop wildlife trade. He has a master's degree in business law from the same university. At his law firm, he attends Pro Bono cases regarding animal abuse and biocide.

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