Priscila Gulich

Expert Priscila Gulich

B.A. in Philosophy

Priscila Gulič obtained B.A. in Philosophy, B.A. in Library and information science and book studies and M.Sc. in Social philosophy at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. She is currently working at the European faculty of Law in Ljubljana as a Head of the library and publish house. She is the founder of Civil initiative to improve the legal protection of animals and engaged with government authorities to re-draft better laws for animals. She was very actively involved in slovenian banning on farming and hunting animals for their fur, on farming and hunting animals for their skin, on farming and hunting animals for their down and feathers, on use of wild animals in circuses and similar shows, on religious slaughter without stunning and introducing other improvements for animal welfare (ban on tail docking and ears cropping in dogs, ban on selling dogs with the exclusion of registered breeders, and ban on ceremonial slaughter of animals without stunning, ecc.). She is interested in philosophical and ethical aspects of animal rights. She speaks english, italian, serbo and croatian languages. She is thinking to enscribe Ph.D. in animal law :-)


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