Bianka Atlas

Expert Bianka Atlas

LLM Hons. (Lewis & Clark); MSc (Edinburgh); BA, LLB Hons. (Auckland)

Bianka Atlas is a New Zealand qualified lawyer and graduated in 2020 with a LLM Hons in Animal Law from Lewis & Clark Law School. Bianka received her Bachelor of Laws (Honors) and Bachelor of Arts (Linguistics and Psychology) from the University of Auckland and her Master of Science (Childhood Studies) from the University of Edinburgh.

Before joining the LLM program, Bianka worked in government, community law and the non-profit sector, with a human rights focus. She has expertise in refugee status determination and refugee resettlement for the New Zealand government and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

While studying at Lewis & Clark, Bianka was a student in the Animal Law Clinic, conducting research for several clients and contributing to the establishment of the first World Aquatic Animal Day. She was the LLM representative for the Animal Legal Defense Fund Sudent Chapter and member of Students for International Environmental Law.

Bianka has broad interests in animal law, with her overarching objective being to drive systemic change in the legal status and treatment of animals in New Zealand and globally. She looks forward to engaging with the global animal law community to develop and use the law strategically and creatively to achieve justice for animals.

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