Birgitta Wahlberg

Expert Birgitta Wahlberg

Dr. Soc.Sc (Public Law)

Dr. Soc.Sc (Public Law) Birgitta Wahlberg is working as university teacher and researcher in public law at the Åbo Akademi University, Department of Law in Finland. Her expertise is animal law.

She is founder of the Global Journal of Animal Law (GJAL) published by Åbo Akademi University, Department of Law (Editor-in-Chief until 2016) and also of the Finnish Animal Rights Lawyers Society. She has published several articles on a variety of animal law topics and is a skilled speaker both nationally and internationally. Dr. Wahlberg combines science and activism for the benefit of animals. Her main research interest is animal law as a science of law and the legal status of animals in different legal systems. Especially its impact on animals in practice. Dr. Wahlberg is the originator to the proposal of the Declaration of Animal Rights and Freedoms.


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