Bettina Cagnat

Expert Bettina Cagnat

French lawyer

Hi! I'm Bettina. I'm a french lawyer of 23 years old. I have adopted a vegan lifestyle since 2014. I have always been an animals lover (even if it is not necessary to love them to consider their interests).

That's why after my degree in private law obtained in Sceaux (France), I did the master in animal law of the law faculty of Barcelona. In my dissertation, I take an active interest in the link between the property status of animals and the recognition of their fundamental rights.

In other words, my approach is abolitionist. All sentient beings have a fundamental interest to integrity. Consequently justice requires
that they should possess a fundamental right to integrity (rights not to be mistreated, killed and deprived of liberty).

Waiting to find a job in accordance with my convictions, I'm perfecting my knowledge in international animal law and foreign languages, knowing English and Spanish. I also attempt to raise consciousness among people about the condition of non-human animals. Finally, I am probably going to make a contribution to a new french antispeciest political party.

I am honoured to be able to support the Global Animal Law Project because :
- This is a very ambitious and innovative project due to its international target;
- The reconsideration of animal exploitation inevitably implies to use legal means;
- Revolutionary doesn't mean unrealistic.


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