Sophie Riley

Expert Sophie Riley

Senior lecturer in the Faculty of Law at the University of Technology Sydney

Dr Sophie Riley is a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Law at the University of Technology Sydney. She teaches Animal Law and Policy, Environmental Law, Environmental Ethics and Corporate Law. Dr Riley’s research interests focus on the ethics and treatment of invasive species, farm animals and wildlife welfare. She has also published in the area of legal education, particularly regarding the pedagogy of international students.

Students in the courses on Animal Law and Policy have written case notes as part of their assessment and with the assistance of a grant from Voiceless, the Animal Protection Institute, the case notes were compiled into a case book. The book was edited by volunteers from the Young Lawyers Animal Law Committee and Voiceless. The case book is freely available here with further editions being planned.

Dr Riley, is also the legal researcher for the Centre for Compassionate Conservation at the University of Technology Sydney and is one of two representatives of the Animal Societies’ Federation on the board of ARRP (the Animal Research Review Panel), a government body that oversees the operation of animal ethics’ committees in New South Wales.

Visit her profil at UTS web page here


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