Anna Vasconcellos

Expert Anna Vasconcellos

Law student

Anna is a Law student who finished her degree and majoring in forensic science and forensic medicine and looking forward to pursue studies in environmental law and animal law in order to change the present legal structure and concept that animals are categorized in, redefining therefore animal rights and animal welfare.

At the moment, she is actively envolved in several ONG for Abandon or Endangered Animals, actively gathering resources and rescue missions, attempting the safe and secure lodging for ill treated animals.

Her expectations in joining the GAL Project is her belief in its (GAL) goals and ideals, in it's Creator and Team, that she trusts to take their preventive measures and legislative ideals, and through her research in Portugal in order to create a more safe and secure way of Life, not just for Them, but for Ourselves, improving Us all as a Society in the true human meaning of the concept.


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