Jean-Pierre Marguenaud

Expert Jean-Pierre Marguenaud

Agrégation holder professor of private law and criminal sciences at the University of Limoges

Jean-Pierre Marguénaud is an agrégation holder professor of private law and criminal sciences at the University of Limoges, as well as a researcher at the Institute of European Law of Human Rights (Institut de droit européen des droits de l'homme) at the University of Montpellier. He directs the Semi-Annual Review of Animal Law (Revue semestrielle de droit animalier, RSDA).

As a true pioneer with his thesis on the animal in private law (l'animal en droit privé, supported in 1987), Professor Marguénaud allowed the emergence of animal law in France. He has directed several PhDs in this field and, together with his team, has set up the first French university degree in animal law (diplôme universitaire français en droit animalier). He is regularly contacted by the media and takes part in numerous national and international events in this field. At the same time, he specialized in European human rights law.

According to Pr Marguénaud: "joining the GAL is a chance to continue to better demonstrate that the protection of human rights and the protection of animals are not antinomic but complementary".

It is an honor for the GAL to count Professor Marguénaud among its international experts in animal law and to pay tribute to him as a venerable Patron for France.

His recent publications in animal law are:

  • Jean-Pierre Marguénaud, Jacques Leroy, Collectif LexisNexis, Code de l'animal, LexisNexis, 2018
  • Florence Burgat, Jean-Pierre Marguénaud et Jacques Leroy, Le droit animalier, PUF, 2016
  • Jean-Pierre Marguénaud, Expérimentation animale, Entre droit et liberté, Quae, 2011
  • Olivier Dubos, Jean-Pierre Marguénaud, Les animaux et les droits européens : Au-delà de la distinction -entre les hommes et les choses, Pedone, 2009


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