Steven White

Expert Steve White

Pr Steven White, Griffith Law School Australia

Steven teaches and researches in the area of animal law. He uses the literature of animal law, animal ethics, regulation and animal protection policy to inform his work. Steven's current research is focused on standards and standard-setting for companion and farm animal protection. He is also researching the relationship between animal law (especially wild animal law) and environmental law. Steven has taught property law for a number of years and in 2019 is teaching a first year, introductory course for commencing law students.


Recent Publications

  • White, S. (2016). Standards and Standard-Setting in Companion Animal Protection. Sydney Law Review, 38, 463–490.
  • Cao, D., & White, S. (2016). Animal Law and Welfare - International Perspectives. Animal Law and Welfare - International Perspectives.
  • White, S., & Cao, D. (2016). Introduction: Animal Protection in an Interconnected World. In Animal Law and Welfare - International Perspectives (pp. 1–7).
  • White, S. (2016). Animal Protection Law in Australia: Bound by History. In Animal Law and Welfare - International Perspectives(pp. 109–130).
  • Cao, D., Sharman, K., & White, S. (2015). Animal Law in Australia. (D. C., Steven White and Katrina Sharman, Ed.) (2nd ed.). Australia: Thomson Reuters.

Source: Griffith University


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