Jessica Tselepy

Expert Jessica Tselepy

Jessica Tselepy, J.D & B.A, Model United Nations Conferences awards, Australia

Jessica Tselepy is a passionate advocate for improving animal welfare standards in Australia and abroad. She has completed a Juris Doctor at Bond University, with a focus on international law, and a BA (International Relations/Psychology) at The University of Queensland.

Throughout her studies she has developed her advocacy skills and expertise in protections for biodiversity and animal welfare in international law. She was a Top 10 Oralist at the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Competition 2019 speaking on the topic of state responsibility for corporate environmental degradation and human rights violations, and the protection of endangered species. She has been awarded Best Delegate at Model United Nations Conferences seven times (from the Asia-Pacific Model United Nations 2014 to the London School of Economics Model United Nations 2016), and has received Diplomacy Awards at the Harvard World Model United Nations Conference in 2015 and 2016.

Jessica currently volunteers with RSPCA Queensland as a transcriber for the inspectorate team, and with GAL as a research assistant, focusing on the UN Convention on Animal Health and Protection (UNCAHP) project.

She ultimately hopes to represent Australia on the international stage, working to protect animal welfare and the natural environment through international legislation. She will begin a research degree next year focusing on animal welfare in international law.


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