Isabella Paola Mora

Expert Isabella Paola Mora

Title of Attorney at Law

She studied at the Faculty of Law at the University of Milan and graduated in commercial law.

She received the title of Attorney at Law in 2001, at the Milan Court of Appeal and focused her professional career in civil and commercial law.

She has always had a deep respect and love for animals and environment, therefore, during the past years, she dedicated part of her professional career to animal issues, contributing to italian associations for animal welfare.

In particular, she worked as a legal consultant for associations for animal welfare, giving to the associated free legal advices in animal law. She drafted the statutes for the creation of an association for a dog refugee.

She also worked as a legal consultant in animal law for the establishment of a pet trust, in disputes in animal abuses, in disputes for pets custody in divorce matters. She examined in depth the regulation of canine registry and dogs tail and ear cropping.

Morevoer, she attended various animal law conferences and she studied italian and european animal law.

Her interest is now focused in research and in-depth analysis about italian and european animal law, appicable in real cases, through interviews of the insiders too (in particular farm animal breeding regulations and dogs breedings regulations).

As a canine trainer, she studied dogs training regulations (responsability and insurance law for dog trainers) and she is convinced of the importance of a deep knowledge of dogs nature and behaviour by their owners, in order to grant the real welfare of dogs and to evitate accidents that most of the time bring to the euthanization of dogs. For that purpose, she would like to work to obtain the passing of a new law making compulsory a licence to own a dog (dangerous dogs or irresponsible owners?)


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