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Animal laws at national level - Austria
(anti-cruelty, protection and welfare)

Federal Act on the Protection of Animals (Animal Protection Act)
Bundesgesetz über den Schutz der Tiere (Tierschutzgesetz – TSchG), BGBL. I Nr. 118/2004

Adopted in:
Entered into force:
1 Jan. 2005

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Civil Code of Austria
§ 285 a: “Animals are not things; they are protected by special laws.
The provisions in force for the things apply to animals only if no contrary regulation exists.”
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BGBl. I Nr. 111/2013, Federal Constitutional Law on sustainability and animal welfare
Animal welfare
Preamb. §2: "The Republic of Austria (federal, provincial and municipal) is committed to animal welfare."
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Constitution of the State of Salzburg
Respect, protection and responsibility
Art.9 (6):
"the respect and the protection of animals as fellow creatures of man as well as the responsibility towards creatures"
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