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A new concept

Support and concentrate public debate on legal problem areas with the Big Five

Coordinate and support public and scientific debate on the “legal problem areas” with the Big Five – meaning the farm animals, companion animals, animals in experiments, wild animals and sports animals. Mediate on solutions to resolve these problem areas within society, taking the aspects of the animals, the animal owners, public health, the consumers and the environment into account.


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Idea behind this:
Nationwide, the “legal problem areas” on animals are to be collected and analyzed. Strategies are discussed among the relevant key players in society. Measures are then worked out together on how to get actual legislation understood and enforced or future legislation adopted and politically passed. Society knows about the content of the projects and the implications concerning behavior, finances and advantages. The education aspect helps to spread common knowledge. As a result, public opinion is made clear and the animal owners’ interests are not overruling but are balanced with the aspects of animal wellbeing, animal and human health, the environment and sustainability.


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Item information:
Level: National
Goal: Education
Item: Let knowledge arise!

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AFG - 08.07.2014.

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