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Animal owners, animal welfare activists and the public know everything they need to know on animal law nationwide. Information is shared on what is legal and what is not. They also know what the responsibilities, procedures and penalties are as well as what fines and possible provisions apply. The public has transparent knowledge of the ethical discussions, what the pro and contra arguments are, and what has been legally resolved in an animal-friendly way elsewhere. The basis for such a common platform on a local or district level may be a nationwide information center.


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Idea behind this:
Knowing the facts and legal framework on animals nationwide makes discussing goals that much easier. Objective and transparent information is needed and can be brought in from the animal owners’ side, the authorities, scientists and animal welfare and animal rights organizations. Where a common basis is not, or not yet, in sight, animal-friendly and objective organizations, eventually with universities, law schools and the help of national authorities, can deliver such a growing and trustful platform. Animals concern us all. It is therefore of public interest for reliable data to be delivered – data on the content of the law and its enforcement and on the ethical issues being debated.



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Level: National
Goal: Education
Item: Let knowledge arise!

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AFG - 08.07.2014

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