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A new concept

Framework for a universal convention on animal welfare

Universally, a visionary win would see the United Nations General Assembly adopting a convention framework on animal welfare. Animal welfare is already knocking at the UN's door (see for instance the strong support for the Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare (UDAW) proposal for its adoption by the United Nations General Assembly). But an exhaustive and potentially binding convention, setting comprehensive animal-friendly regulations for all the countries in the world, remains a crucial bridge to cross.

Such a convention framework would be an umbrella instrument addressing all animal welfare issues globally in a comprehensive way while remaining more flexible than a formal treaty. This instrument can be based on concepts recognized in some countries (respect for animals, their dignity and inherent value), but also on international principles adopted by the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) and universal principles concerning animals and their intrinsic value (recognized in both the World Charter for Nature of 1982 and the Convention on Biological Diversity of 1992 adopted by the UN).

Instead of just stating general principles, it can also establish a new legal status for animals as sentient beings at the universal level, as well as setting clear objectives to avoid animal suffering in every field (as animals used for production, experiments, education, entertainment, wild and companion animals etc.). For example, such objectives are able to adopt all alternative methods and substitute products to avoid animal use.



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Item information:
Level: Universal
Goal: Adoption
Item: Adoption of universal instruments on animal welfare

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SB - 07.07.2014.

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