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A new concept

More animal friendliness wins gradually and dramatically

Animals live well nationwide. Fewer are kept in conditions where they suffer or their dignity is affected. The institutionalized self-reflection loop generates animal-friendly law adoption and enforcement gradually and dramatically.


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Idea behind this:
Within this utopia, animal friendliness is common sense. This also includes the strongly decreasing animal owners and animal users. Animal law will set very high, if not deterring, standards on conditions for animal housing and animal use. These will be publically controlled and be approved by the vast majority of the – human – citizenship. This utopia is rooted to the idea that a society is not necessarily based on animal suffering and animal use, neither fully or in part.


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Item information:
Level: National
Goal: Improvement
Item: Nationwide institutionalized reflection loop for animal friendliness

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AFG - 08.07.2014.

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