Equally balanced national reflection and reaction group on animal law


A national reflection and reaction group on animal law is rooted to the knowledge and experience of the existing animal-related legislation at national, district and local level in regard to animals in criminal, administrative and civil law. The source is the official and transparent database concerning the law enforcement within these fields. The group members come from both sides with the animal users being as well represented as the side for the animal’s interests. Beside the authorities, self-monitoring the reflection and reaction can lead to a continuously flowing loop of more animal-friendly law adoption and enforcement at all levels. The group represents a warm-hearted and cool-headed think tank for the national government.


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Idea behind this:
A reflection and reaction group of the key players in the animal law and ethics issue brings about common understanding when outcomes have to be decided. The group is well balanced with equal numbers of public and privately interested parties. These interests include animal dignity and suffering, public health and consumer interests, and basic rights of the owners. Although the interests here partly oppose each other, common goals can be achieved with wisely moderated discussions. Here, a time frame for implementation is also taken into account.



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Item information:

Level: National
Goal: Improvement
Item: Nationwide institutionalized reflection loop for animal friendliness

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AFG - 08.07.2014

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