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Authorities report publically on progress and obstacles on animal law enforcement and they implement the results.



The national authorities report officially and periodically. They report on the progress and steps to take to create, support and instruct animal law enforcement at national, district and local level. They coordinate the local and district-based public databank on all criminal cases and contraventions. The authorities detect shortcomings in the adopted law and in the law enforcement. They do this together with the animal attorneys and the animal welfare, rights and owners’ organizations, and they prepare provisions to address the shortcomings.


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Idea behind this:
The adoption, enforcement and improvement of animal law is an ongoing and automatic process. Once begun, the obstacles in the law and its enforcement are to be analyzed closely and with an animal-friendly focus. Outcomes are faced and accepted, whether with or without additional public pressure. Citizens gain confidence in the state if they take animal issues seriously.



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Level: National
Goal: Improvement
Item: Nationwide institutionalized reflection loop for animal friendliness

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AFG - 08.07.2014

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