Animal workers give animals a strong voice in judicial cases and public debates


Education and training enables animal workers, whether for animal welfare or for animal rights organizations, to represent the animal’s interests in a fully competent and compelling way. They speak for the animals in the cases they treat, they give practical and legal advice, and they cooperate with the authorities and give media interviews. In public debates they have a warm heart but a cool head. They win a majority in the municipality, in the media and in local politics for legal animal issues.


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Idea behind this:
At local level, the individuals often know each other on a personal level. If in contact with competent, skilled and warm-hearted representatives of animal law issues, they can change their opinion to make it more interesting and open. Hearts and minds can be won when representing animals in legal and ethical issues, case by case, face-to-face and on a public level too.



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Level: Local
Goal: Education
Item: Improve animal law knowledge for animal workers

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AFG - 07.07.2014

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