A common understanding of animals in law clears up every bad treatment case in an instant


With a common and excellent understanding of legal animal issues, all animal representatives can efficiently resolve the rare cases at local level. They can do this in the best way for animals and can cooperate towards an animal friendly municipality.


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Idea behind this:
Knowledge and shared experience breeds confidence in animal representatives on an official or private level. Within the existing legal framework, the animal issues can be resolved quickly by avoiding suffering or harming an animal’s dignity. By the time the laws are very animal-friendly and respected by a highly-educated and morally healthy society on a normal and self-evident basis, animal welfare and protection will no longer be needed.
Side effects:
The roles of the official representatives on one side and the private parties in opposition to them on the other side are overcome by a common understanding of shared and common responsibility for the animals in the municipality.
More formal common meetings on a case by case issue or periodical contacts can be effective too.



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Item information:

Level: Local
Goal: Education
Item: Improve animal law knowledge for animal workers

Contribution made by
AFG - 07.07.2014

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