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Animal workers – those who care for animals directly or care for animal issues as veterinarians, in animal shelters, for animal organizations, as farmers, in the zoos etc. – have a basic knowledge on the local, district and national legislation on animals. They know about the correct legal behavior towards animals concerning animal welfare legislation and other relevant legal issues. If working specifically for the wellbeing and protection of animals (e.g. for animal welfare and animal rights organizations), they know their duties towards animal owners, how to cooperate with different offices and about emotional management.


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Idea behind this:
Not everything that is unfriendly to animals is unlawful. Sometimes unfriendly animal measures are within a legal framework and are legally tolerated. It needs to be considered if the legal framework can be changed into a more animal-friendly one and how to get a majority in the local, district or national parliament to support this. Even when a global legal framework exists, animal mistreatment in specific cases is unlawful and illegal, e.g. farm animals need access to water that is not frozen in wintertime. Animal workers can give basic, correct answers on animal legal aspects in animal legislation law as well as to customers of the organizations and contribute to its credibility. The animals profit from competent representatives.
Animal workers can delegate and outsource the legal knowledge to competent private animal lawyers that are possibly befriended with the organization.



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Level: Local
Goal: Education
Item: Improve animal law knowledge for animal workers

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AFG - 07.07.2014

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