Join us for an amazing series of interviews with leading animal lawyers around the world. They all have in common that they dedicate their life and work for animals rights. Sabine Brels, PhD in Law and GAL Manager, met our GAL Experts to share their knowledge and experience in personal interviews. Learn, that everyone can make a change to improve the condition of the animals in the law. Are you interested in how to achieve efficient animal advocacy? Discover useful tools in our interviews! You will also get to know the unprecedented interests of the GAL Project through the eyes (and hearts) of our experts!

Thank you for following us and most of all, thank you for your engagement for the animals!

Altogether, we can contribute to create a better world for the animals! Hopefully, the unique collaboration of the GAL Expert Group can show a new way to work together for this common goal and new imperative of global justice!


Andrea Gavinelli


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Bettina Cagnat


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Marita Gimenez-Candela


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Birgitta Wahlberg


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Jean-Marc Neumann


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Dirk-Jan Verdonk


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