Legislate Graduated Tax to Incentivize Transition to Non-Animal Alternatives


In order to implement, facilitate and accelerate a transition to non-animal alternatives, graded tax, increasing with time, on all consumer purchases of meat, fish, dairy or eggs in supermarkets or restaurants, or any other animal products (such as fur, leather, wool, down) can be applied. All tax revenue is used as discount on the purchase of non-animal alternatives.

Also graded tax on all production and vending of meat, fish, dairy or eggs, or any other animal products (such as fur, leather, wool, down). All tax revenue can be claimed by producers and vendors as rebate for the production and sale of non-animal alternatives.

All unclaimed surplus from the tax revenue is used to provide sanctuaries for animals that survive from the food and fur industries.




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Item information:

Level: Universal
Goal: Improvement
Item: Improve globally the legal protection of animals

Contribution made by
Stevan Harnad - 24.01.2017

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