CCTV to Inform, Mobilize and Sensitize the Public


Recruit the public to monitor and enforce existing animal husbandry regulations through public crowd-sourcing as well as to sensitize the public to the reality of what is currently permissible in animal husbandry.

Mandatory 24/7 CCTV surveillance and recording in all venues where animals are bred, raised, housed, transported, used in any way, or killed.

All the CCTV data are live-streamed and permanently archived as openly accessible on the web, coded for time and location, so that the public can witness, monitor and report any observed abuses within the existing welfare rules as well as to recommend what rules need to be strengthened.




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Item information:

Level: Universal
Goal: Improvement
Item: Improve globally the legal protection of animals

Contribution made by
Stevan Harnad - 24.01.2017

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