Children education is key to improve animal protection


Children education is key to improve animal protection

The role of our children and their potential seems to be underestimated. If we teach our children now empathy and ethics concerning animals, they will grow up with a much clearer consciousness and could support pro-animals projects much stronger. Therefore it is essential to learn how to better protect animals to the youngest, to inspire more consciousness and empathy in schools and after, embed it into the curriculum of all educational institutes.

From a legal point of view, the essential role of the law should be taught, for children and students to have a common vision of universal justice and contribute to create it for more equity between all beings (human and animals). Therefore, universities and law schools should make animal law part of their teaching, as Education is so crucially important to better Enforce existing laws and Adopt more friendly laws for animals (accordingly to the Global Animal Law (GAL) project purposes).

Here is the Animal Law Courses Database (ALDC) by Dr Birgitta Wahlberg, in collaboration with EGALS and GAL, where everyone can have access to the relevant information regarding existing animal law courses and programs worldwide:

The GAL wishes to develop this teaching and other initiatives contributing to a better education of children and everyone (because everyone counts!), for a more animal friendly world & law, everywhere on the planet.



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Level: International
Goal: Education
Item: International mechanisms to promote animal law and animal-friendly ways of life

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SB - 04.12.2017

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