Animal Attorney Academies


Permanent academies for Animal Attorneys are created at local as well as district, national, international, regional and global level. The knowledge and experience is systematically exchanged and brought into legal proposals to improve the law enforcement in criminal, administrative and civil matters. This knowledge and experience is also used to create legal drafts for changing legislation accordingly. Law makers, politicians and office representatives are invited to participate at the law-drafting process.


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Idea behind this:
The collected knowledge and experience of animal attorneys that work in the law enforcement field in a broader sense is used to make large legal steps ahead. This is related to the area of practical working. Creative solutions will be found by comparing the problems and answers in one municipality. These are then to be adopted in other ones or at least discussed as a role model.
Side effects:
The cooperation between the animal attorneys motivates. The attorneys feel part of a larger movement and do not feel left alone at local level with the massive interests of the animal users against them.
The cooperation between the animal attorneys is coordinated locally and worldwide by law schools. This provides them with scientific background and brings them together with the law students as new generation of animal attorneys.



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Item information:

Level: District
Goal: Enforcement
Item: Give Animals a Voice

Contribution made by
AFG - 07.07.2014

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