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Wild Animals

What GAL does for wild animals

Wild Animals

Bamby speaks for all wild animals. They are largely covered by environmental laws focusing on species conservation (against extinction), rather than on individual protection (against suffering). As individuals, animals are protected by anti-cruelty and pro-welfare laws. These aim to reduce their suffering and support their well-being in the framework of their various uses (production, experiments, exhibitions and as pets). But surprisingly wild animals are not concerned by those laws. They may cover captive wild animals, but rarely those living in the wild.

Wild animals are sentient beings. That is why the GAL Project believes that they deserve more than just species conservation; they also need individual protection through the law. Wild animals should be protected against suffering caused by hunting, fishing, trapping, capturing, poaching, cruel methods such as shark fining and others such as habitat pollution and degradation, etc. Their well-being should then be considered by the laws, for both land and sea creatures, whether living in captivity or in the wild.


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