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Pet Animals

What GAL does for pet animals

Pet Animals

For companion animals (pets) such as Roxy, the GAL Project aims to support anti-cruelty laws banning mistreatment, negligence and cruelty (including physical & psychological violence, esthetic or non-curative harm, sexual abuse, etc.). Today, pro-welfare laws should also be developed to impose good care and respect of their physiological and ethical needs (in terms of food, living conditions, social contacts, etc.). When exotic animals are not able to live in captivity, laws should ban them being kept as pets.

Laws should also encourage the management, including education and vaccination, of companion animals. Laws should also ban the cruel methods for getting rid of stray animals around the world. They must also make vets report any suspicion of mistreatment, and outline a duty of care and help towards any animal in distress.

It should also be easy for anyone to report any act of cruelty against animals and they should know who to contact and how. The GAL Project is making new operational methods for this.


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