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GlobalAnimalLaw in detail

What GAL does for pet animals
Pet Animals

For companion animals (pets) such as Roxy, the GAL Project aims to support anti-cruelty laws banning mistreatment, negligence and cruelty (including physical & psychological violence, esthetic or non-curative harm, sexual abuse, etc.)...

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What GAL does for farm animals
Farm Animals

Most farm animals like Pigly - exploited for food (meat, fish, milk and eggs), clothes (like fur) or other products (such as civet coffee or bear bile) - are living in intensive farming systems. Extremely cramped conditions are responsible for a huge amount of suffering...

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What GAL does for sport animals
Sport Animals

As a sports animal, Speedy speaks for all animals used for entertainment and all kinds of exhibitions. The GAL Project wants laws to be introduced to protect these animals all around the world...

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What GAL does for lab animals
Lab Animals

Micy and other animals used for experiments are subjected to measures that are possibly painful or stressful. They suffer in the name of education, biomedical research and testing...

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What GAL does for wild animals
Wild Animals

Bamby speaks for all wild animals. They are largely covered by environmental laws focusing on species conservation (against extinction), rather than on individual protection (against suffering). As individuals, animals are protected by anti-cruelty and pro-welfare laws...

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