Willy Mayer

Patronage Swiss Willy Mayer

Herr lic.phil.nat. Willy Mayer


"Animals should be much more involved in the field of sustainable development; alleviating animal suffering through law is a necessity of the hour. Therefore I support GAL, and especially the GAL project of animal welfare in the United Nations with full conviction".

Mr. lic.phil.nat. Willy Mayer has been very active and successful in philanthropy for many decades, among other things as the long-standing managing director of an influential charitable foundation. The contact to GAL goes back to a joint seat on the board of trustees in the field of alternative methods to animal testing. With the Usitawi Network, which he established ten years ago, he actively connects promoters and implementers in the field of sustainable development.

Mr. Mayer is founder and president of the non-profit international network 'The UsitawiNetwork'. The international service club 'The UsitawiNetwork' is a network for far-sighted, responsible leaders from business, science, politics, administration and culture. Its task is to disseminate and implement the idea of sustainable management and action, to provide contacts and know-how to decision-makers and actors, and to support and implement relevant projects. Sustainable development is defined as development that ensures a balanced relationship between nature, its ability to renew itself and the demands placed on it by man. The aim is to meet the needs of all population groups of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs and without affecting the diversity of animate and inanimate nature.


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