Melanie Gajowski

Patronage Swiss Melanie Gajowski

Mrs. Melanie Gajowski


"As the dominant species on this planet, we have the responsibility to actively engage with the other species and the environment for our posterity. I consider the approach that GAL pursues to be one of the most effective ways, namely on the one hand to use the strongest means, the right, to work for a gradual, realistic improvement of animal welfare nationally and worldwide and on the other hand to see animal welfare in close connection with humans and the environment".


"In spring 2013 I will complete my part-time studies in applied ethics at the University of Zurich. Until then, I had worked in the financial world for 23 years. My focus is on projects on sustainable, responsible banking and the avoidance of food waste.

What else is there to know:
I am a Zen student, yoga teacher, trained private banker, strategy consultant, ethicist, certified wine connoisseur, coach, bridge builder, life artist, life and young entrepreneur consultant and, most recently, also a drawing student (and probably much more). But most of all I am curious about life and I always want to learn new things.

I am lucky to meet people again and again who support me and bring me forward. I want to pass this on and encourage and support others to find their own way".


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