Manon von Bhicknapahari

Patronage Swiss Manon von Bhicknapahari


"Now that it has been scientifically proven that animals - from the largest to the smallest - are as sensitive to pain as we humans, it is time to take this into account:

No animal experiments!!!!

  • no torturous breeding; chickens and probably many other animals
  • no torturous transport and slaughtering; therefore produce and consume less meat
  • no fattening of geese; thus prohibit "foie gras
  • no cow births with immediate removal of the calf
  • no goose down from live geese
  • no breeding animals for fur
  • no factory farming, but that's probably illusory
  • no pure animal husbandry
  • leave the horns to the horned animals.

What is not mentioned is that animals can also suffer psychologically. Probably the list could be continued almost endlessly. I don't know how realistic my votes are, and I'm not even sure if I myself act exemplary everywhere. But I am for the fact that animal protection comes still more into the general consciousness and is implemented as far as possible with the intelligent approach of GAL, by the right".

Manon (from Bhicknapahari) is an artist from Zurich.

After attending the School of Arts and Crafts and the Zurich Acting Academy, Manon designed the "Salmon-coloured Boudoir" in 1974, the first of many environments in which she later used all modern media, herself and up to 60 extras in various roles. This makes her one of the first and perhaps best known performance artists in Switzerland. After the "end of the Lola Montez" she says goodbye to this art form with "The artist is present" in the form of 15 living doubles.
From 1977 to 1980 Manon lived in Paris, since then she has lived in Zurich again with interruptions (Amsterdam, Berlin, New York City, Genoa). In Paris she turned to staged photography in 1978. She produced important black and white photo series such as "La dame au crâne rasé", "Elektrokardiogramm 303/304", "Ball der Einsamkeiten". These can be seen in art houses and galleries in Switzerland and abroad and are represented in the collections of important Swiss museums. There is hardly an anthology of recent photography in which these images are not mentioned.
Scholarships and studios abroad follow.
Today their predominant themes are eroticism and transience. This applies both to the photo series "forever young", which was created especially for the overview exhibition "Work Groups 1979-99" for Bianca Pilat Contemporary Art Chicago-Milano and consists of a total of around 50 pictures, and to the photo series "Once she was Miss Rimini", which was first shown in autumn 2003 and published in book form in summer 2005. In 2008, the monograph "Manon - eine Person" was published on the occasion of an overview exhibition in the Zurich Helmhaus with works from 1974 to 2008. The book was also published in English in view of the exhibition in New York. There are several TV films and an extensive bibliography.
In 2008 Manon was awarded the Prix Meret Oppenheim.


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