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"Animals can't fight back, that's why we need people and organisations like GAL to represent their rights professionally."

Born in 1977 in Paris, France, Anne Walser from Zurich is one of the most successful film producers in Switzerland. Her company achieved two cinema hits with "Grounding - The Last Days of Swissair" and most recently "Akte Grüninger". Walser is now venturing across the border with a Hollywood cast. With "La Giovinezza - Youth" by Oscar-winner Paolo Sorrentino, it is the first time she has entered a film in the race for the Palme d'Or in Cannes (F). She is supported by her stars Michael Caine and Jane Fonda. "They are wonderful", says Walser. "The bigger the star, the more sociable he is. After longer stays abroad in France, Australia and Greece, Anne Walser completed her federal school leaving examination in Zurich, where she still lives today. After editorial positions and management in the television sector, journalistic work as well as freelance work as production and recording manager for various advertising campaigns and corporate movies, she was offered a permanent position as production and production manager at C-FILMS AG at the end of 1999. In this function she was responsible for the European large-scale production "DIE MANNS - EIN JAHRHUNDERTROMAN" and the sensational feature film "GROUNDING - DIE LETZTEN TAGE DER SWISSAIR". Anne Walser has been working as a producer since 2005 and, in addition to financing and realising projects, is also intensively involved in general material development and script work. In 2006 she joined the management of C-FILMS AG, where she has been a partner since 2007. Her work includes national and international projects for cinema and TV, often also film adaptations such as the film versions of the bestsellers "DER KOCH" and "DER LETZTE WEYNFELD" by Martin Suter. Her films have won numerous awards and quality prizes at home and abroad, including three European Film Awards for the international co-production "YOUTH" and twice the Swiss Box-Office Success Award of the City of Zurich for "AKTEGRÜNINGER" and "MARCELLO MARCELLO".


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