Andrea Meisser

Patronage Swiss Andrea Meisser

Herr med. vet., MPH Andrea Meisser


"The protection of animals is a central aspect of "One Health" and "GAL" and thus also promotes the health of us humans. I fully support the very pragmatic and goal-oriented life work of Antoine F Goetschel and GAL".

Mr. med. vet., MPH Andrea Meisser, studied veterinary medicine in Zurich; assistant in various practices and doctorate in parasitology.

Mr. Meisser is a veterinarian, health scientist ("One Health"), former president of the Society of Swiss Veterinarians, GST and since 1997 member of the scientific advisory board IEMT Switzerland. Furthermore, Mr. Meisser was Vice President of the Federation of Veterinarians of Europe FVE and from 2002 to 2008 he was Council Member of the World Veterinary Association WVA for Western Europe.


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