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Dr. oec. Adriano Passardi


"Animals cannot fight back. That is why we must protect them better, worldwide. That is why we need people and organisations like GAL, who professionally represent and enforce their claims for a dignified and painless life with the strongest means, the law."

Dr. oec. Adriano Passardi, studied economics, painter, former CFO Zurich Global and university lecturer.

"I was born on December 26, 1942, in Zurich, Switzerland. Since 1978 I have been painting expressive pictures in oil and acrylic. Since 1982 I have held around 50 exhibitions in Switzerland and abroad. In 1997 I was included in the "Lexicon of Swiss Art". Since 2001 I have been a member of the "Guild of Swiss Mountain Painters". I learned painting at the "Freie Kunstschule Zürich" and later with Herman Hofmann. My motive is nature: trees, flowers, water, sky and the effect of light and shadow play a major role in my paintings. The different times of day and seasons are important for me, because they help me to express special moods in a accentuated and colourful way.

What is this painterly challenge for me? I want to breathe life into my paintings. For me, this succeeds when a picture starts to glow, when light and shadow become visible, but also when calm and movement manifest themselves. I try to represent movement mainly through clouds. Clouds move and change constantly, their position, their form, their size, their colour. My art philosophical theme is basically "movement and change", for me personally a central theme. Movement has neither beginning nor end. If we understood all events in life as stations in a sequence of movement, we would no longer have the need to stop time. In this deeper sense, this statement could teach us to no longer see the individual stations, but the movement sequence as a whole. It is possible that from such a viewpoint we might be somewhat calmer in the face of life's vicissitudes, that we might recognize the actual stability in movement and change and thus discover the eternal in the transitory.

However, a painter does not only send more or less conscious messages through his paintings. He also reveals something of his inner life, his essence, his credo. I paint as I am. I am a positive person, an optimistic person, also somewhat idealistic. And this attitude is also expressed in my paintings, this is how those who know me see it. I believe in what is good and beautiful and I enjoy trying to show this in my paintings.

I try to create my paintings on a level of "no-mind", of consciousness without thoughts, of inner peace. I watch how "it" paints and I am quite strongly present. I think that even the value-free viewing of a painting without thoughts opens the door to a conscious presence. May this selection of pictures contribute to this".


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